Hot Water Electric Pressure Washers

Professional Hot Water Electric Pressure Washers

Karcher HDS 7/10-4M

Medium class hot water pressure washer with a host of user-friendly features. Kärcher’s HDS middle class hot water pressure washers reach very high levels of performance, reliability and economy. With innovative features such as the eco!efficiency mode, offering fuel savings of up to 20% without compromising cleaning performance.

Karcher HDS 10/20

Karchers medium and super class hot water pressure washers do a first-class job of cleaning as well as also being extremely rugged and simple to operate. In the Eco setting the unit operates in the most economical temperature range (60°C) with full water flow. Burner cycles are optimised to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to full-load operation.


Suitable for the automotive and agricultural industries, the PW-H50 features many user friendly functions.

Mac Plantmaster Static Range

The new and improved features will provide customers with total confidence that the equipment has been designed and thought through in the very best way possible, to avoid all the traditional problems that can arise from misuse and abuse.

This is just a small selection of our most popular hot water machines, there are other different models available to suit every application. Please contact us to find the most suitable machine for your requirements. we are also able to custom build units should your exact requirements not be available. demonstration and reconditioned units are usualy accessible.
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