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Numatic NSU370 Sanitise

High-pressure misting disinfection system

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RRP £487.09  + VAT
Special Price £379.00 + VAT

karcher cv 30/1

Kärcher’s CV 30/1 upright vacuum cleaner uses a single high-performance motor to drive both the suction fan and brush, keeping the machine lightweight, easy to carry and manoeuvre.

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RRP £403.00 + VAT
Special Price £275.00 + VAT

sealey floor sweeper

Suitable for maintaining any hard floor and ideal for removing dirt, dust and debris from large surface areas. Features 4-brush system with two side brushes and two further brushes set underneath the unit to easily lift debris into the hopper. Fitted with tubular handle and adjustable castor wheel that raises the sweeper 20mm enabling larger pieces of debris to be swept up.

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RRP £289.95 + VAT
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2nd Hand and Ex-Demo Equipment

karcher brs 43/500C

Ex demo machine, supplied with CarpetPro Cleaner iCapsol RM 768 solution.

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sgv 8/5 steam vacuum

Ex hire machine, fully serviced. supplied with new brush nozzle pack

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karcher brc 30/15 C Carpet cleaner
The BRC 30/15 C offers simple, convenient deep cleaning of carpets. The machine is designed to be exceptionally easy to use, and provides superb deep cleaning results. Using the spray-extraction method with a rotating brush and high suction power, the BRC 30/15 C deep cleans in a single pass and helps carpets to dry out very quickly.

Ex-Demo Machine
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RRP £2491.00 + VAT
Special Price £1200 + VAT
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