Vikan Brush Range

professional cleaning tools for the interior & exterior of your vehicle 

Transport Range

Hand Brush w/Short Handle, 330 mm

Keep workshop benches clean with this soft, Slimline Hand Brush.

Vehicle Brush, waterfed, 270 mm

This small, highly effective Vehicle Brush can be waterfed or used as a dip brush, and fits all handles in the Vikan Transport System.

Vehicle Brush Long Handle, 420 mm

Easily clean vehicle chassis, wheel arches, engine compartments and storage tanks with this long-handled Vehicle Brush.

Vehicle Brush w/Short Handle, 275 mm

Effective short handled brush for general vehicle washing tasks i.e: chassis cleaning, storage tanks, wheel arches and engine compartments.

Rim Cleaner, Ø65 mm, 325 mm

Ideal for cleaning alloy wheels, this medium-stiff, chemical resistant Rim Cleaner has synthetic filaments and a nylon protected handle.

Nail Brush, 120 mm

Clean fingernails, upholstery or carpets with this durable, hard bristle nail brush.

Multi Brush/Rim Cleaner, 310 mm
Easily clean all kinds of small surfaces with this all-round Multi Brush and Rim Cleaner.
Interior Brush, 330 mm

Easily clean hard-to-reach areas such as beneath and between seats and seat runners with this Slimline Interior Brush for upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Set of Detail Brushes, 
7 pcs.

Remove dust particles with this versatile set of Detail Brushes. 1 * 25 x 140 mm, 1 * 18 x 135 mm, 1 * 12 x 130 mm, 2 * 12 x 85 mm, 1 * 3 x 75 mm,  1 * 1 x 60 mm

soft Rim Brush, Ø65 mm, 325 mm

Clean hard-to-reach wheel rim surfaces with this chemical-resistant Rim Brush featuring soft natural filaments and a nylon protected handle.

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